Armadillo Rib Vest

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For several years, Team Valhalla's Armadillo line of safety gear has stood alone as a premier manufacturer of karting safety gear and protection components. The Armadillo Rib Vest features an integrated chest protector, with a complete design that is SFI rated and certified. Due to this, this rib protection device is ideal for younger drivers, who in many series are required to wear a SFI-rated rib protector and chest protector. By integrating the two units, Armadillos' Rib Vest provides a light-weight, durable, and quality option for a complete chest and rib protection package!  


  • The Armadillo Rib Vest is available in a variety of sizes, designed to fit drivers from ages 5 to 75, with all body types and sizes accommodated for. Sizing options range from "Kid Kart" to extra-large.
  • Note on fitment and fine-tuning: For ideal fit, once adjusted, a rib vest should provide resistance in the chest area when breath is fully inhaled and held. A significant pressure should be felt against rib area at this point, attempting to push air out of lungs. If this sensation is not felt, the rib vest is adjusted too loose. If, however, the rib vest feels constricting for 0-70% of normal lung capacity, the rib vest is adjusted too tight. 
  • For more information on the right size for you, consult the sizing diagram (see photos).