Valhalla 360 Plus Neck Protection Device

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NOTE: Point Karting is experiencing a delay on the 360 Plus' availability. We are able to back-order this for you, and ship when available, but no solid ETA is available from Valhalla at this time.

We strongly suggest the Freem Road Runner as a great substitute for this neck protection device!!


In karting, one of the most critical areas to protect is the driver's neck. No device does this better than Valhalla's 360 Plus device! The innovative design prevents hyper-flexion of the driver's neck in frontal and rearward impacts. It also limits extreme lateral motion.  Foam parts in the front help protect the throat area in case the head is forced backward.  

The 360 plus device fits comfortably on adults and children alike. Weighing in at only 1.5 lbs, the 360 plus device is deceptively light, reducing strain on drivers while on track, while still providing outstanding protection. Rotation of the head to look over the shoulder for oncoming karts is not hindered.  

  • Molded nylon components complement firm chin support areas to provide a stable area to control the movement of the helmet and head during accidents. 
  • Cross-strap application of the device under the shoulders of drivers with adjustable straps allows for firm mounting to base of the upper torso, further reinforcing the base of protection for the driver's head and neck in accidents. 
  • Adjustable collar components make sizing and customizing the front profile of the device to various shoulder and chest taper and neck profiles a snap! Device unbuckles at front to make removal simple. 
  • Approved for use in World Karting Association (WKA) and International Karting Federation (IKF) sanctioned series.  These series, and others, require neck protection (sometimes called neck collar, neck brace, go kart neck support, or helmet support).


The 360 Plus device is available in two sizes - Youth and Adult. 

    • Using a flexible tape measure, measure the circumference of the base of the neck (near interface with shoulders) and measure the circumference of the top of the neck (near interface with jaw).
    • Use the larger of the two values to determine the size to purchase:

Youth:  10" to 13"

Adult:  13.5" and up