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Opportunity for New Racers: Experiencing Karting

Often potential kart racers face a challenging proposition when it comes to transforming their interest in motorsport into becoming an active participant. 

Newcomers to the sport often find getting up to speed with new mechanical and driving challenges daunting, facing financial hurdles regarding start-up costs with the sport intimidating, and finding avenues into the sport in a positive way not very forthcoming. 

For those in the Colorado-Region, Point Karting recognized these challenges, and developed the "Try Karting" program to help!

Point Karting tailors each karting experience package to a clients needs. Each program allows clients to give performance kart driving a try within an environment that brings professional driving instruction and mechanical support to those that need it most–the newcomer.

Program Overview

Each client that participates in the “Try Karting” program is met with a thorough and progressive approach to guiding their transition into kart racing competition.

Initially racers receive an in-depth consultation regarding their overall sporting goals, aspirations, and prior experience regarding motorsports competition.

Next, drivers are fitted to a professionally-prepared performance kart and subsequently mentored throughout an introductory kart driving experience, which brings them up to speed within a progressive and methodical track day environment.

Because each client’s initial goals, future objectives, and prior performance driving experience is unique, each “Try Karting” experience is also truly unique!

Due to the variety of track options within Colorado, Point Karting conducts the "Try Karting" program at a variety of locations. Primarily, the Denver-Metro region facilities of Action Karting and IMI Motorsports Complex are commonly utilized.

“Try Karting” Performance Fleet Options

Point Karting has multiple performance karts available for utilization within the “Try karting” program:

  • Cadet karts (ages 7-12)
  • Full-Size racing kart (12+)

Both vehicles are typically powered by a 8.5-horsepower Briggs & Stratton Racing Engine to start new racers off with a moderate amount of performance. Additional engine packages with more performance may be utilized in this program, depending on individual arrangements with the client.

    Safety Gear
    Don't own your own safety gear? No worries! We will work with each driver to make sure basic measurements for safety gear are accomplished, and have head-to-toe, quality safety gear ready for each racer once we coordinate a track day. 

    The “Try Karting” experience program is available for drivers aged 7 and beyond. Drivers younger than age 7 maybe be eligible for participation by special arrangement and coordination - as regional "Kid Kart" racers may be willing to a youngster to try their kart during the program. 

    Pricing and Booking

    Point Karting provides a professionally prepared and maintained racing kart, mechanical support, driving instruction, and safety gear on your Try Karting day. Additional track-side practice fees will be payable to the host facility, this typically ranges from $35-$50 per driver. 

    For more information regarding booking availability, scheduling your “Try Karting” experience, or pricing, contact us at 720.446.8860, or by email at Select your group package online here, and we will help find the next available date for a Try Karting experience! 

    For an outline of what main elements are involved with each Try Karting day, see the graphic below: