Tony Kart Front Brake Pads

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  • IKP brake pads designed to fit Tony Kart brake systems from various eras. These pads are intended for the front brake calipers on any kart. Quality aftermarket Tony Kart Parts compatible with BS1, BS5, and more.
  • Here are some options we carry: 
    • The BS1 System: This system was implemented as a new era in Tony Kart Calipers, and is found on karts of early 2000's to Pre-2003 era. *Note how this caliper has only one retainer pin, while earlier and models to follow often have two until much later in development. 
    • The BS5 System: This system is a more modern system from Tony Kart, but not the most current. This system can be found on Post-2003 karts to most Tony Karts through 2006. *Note the narrow width of this pad, and the groove embedded in the middle of the pad for cooling as standard for pad break-in.* For this caliper and era, we offer (2) compound options. For most applications, the Ferodo or Galfer "Standard" options are best. For a high-powered shifter kart, the high-temperature pad may be an acceptable option. It is worth noting these pads will also fit the rear brake calipers on Tony Karts (called the SA2) from this era. 
    • Late 1990s, Early 2000's: While extremely rare, this brake system is a dual-caliper, gold-anodized brake caliper/system. Examples of chassis that this system was popular on include the Esprit. 
  • Each pad option is sold as a pair of pads (2 pads per set). 
  • Pads can come in "Galfer 1054 Black", Ferodo "KA", or "Red Carbon" options
    • For most aftermarket pads, the pad option available is a standard pad, meaning it is a medium compound designed to work with all applications unless otherwise noted. 

Ideal For: Tony Kart BS1 front brake caliper
Ideal For: The Tony Kart BS5 front caliper
The Tony Kart BS1 front brake caliper we know, we wish we had a better picture too.

  • **Point Karting strongly recommends double-checking the provided dimensional diagram to ensure you order the right pads for your kart! If you have questions, reach out to us, we are happy to help.**