'The Essentials' Pit Bundle - #219

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Essentials Pit Bundle for karters! If you're new to karting, or need some accessories for your kart, this is the perfect option for you! Point Karting has selected a few items you may want for your karting experience and put them together with some cost savings built in!

What's in the Kit

This kit is designed to be the 'essentials' pit bundle for karters that want the tools they will need to go to the track for a track day. Note that other bundles are available which have items more specific for racing as well.

  • Bead Breaker - useful for removing and installing tires
  • Chain Breaker - #219 version - for adjusting chain length
  • Tire pressure gauge - always a vital tool!
  • Fuel Jug and Hose - for your un-mixed or mixed fuel for racing and practicing
  • Ratio Rite - for measuring oil or pre-mix oil
  • A spare chain - always a good thing to have on hand at any track day! This is a #219 chain, 106-108 length (depends on stock)
  • A selection of (10) sprockets - let us know in the checkout notes what range you want! In our experience we have found that most racers by the end of their first year of karting have a selection of (10) sprockets in their collection. We can also help you make this gearing selection.
    • Choose the middle gear at your favorite track, and have +/- 5 sprockets on either side to make gearing changes.
  • A kart stand - the RLV Heavy Duty Stand is foldable and portable.
  • Kart Cover - black in color, to keep the kart covered when off

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