Swift Magnesium MXC Go Kart Wheels (Rear, 210mm)

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Swift MXC Style Magnesium Go Kart Wheels, for rear of kart (210mm), sold as a pair of rims. Ideal for keeping your tire temperatures cool, and for high-grip kart racing situations. The MXC rim by Swift represents a cost-conscious option compared to the OEM wheels, manufactured by OTK in Italy.

Each rim is precision manufactured with optimal performance in mind by Swift's manufacturing facility in Italy. Forged from Magnesium, then turned down to a precise rim, the Swift MXC rims utilize a 3/58 standard bolt pattern, which is universal to all racing karts.

Each rim is 5" in diameter, 212mm in width, and features (3) bead locks with rubber o-rings. The Swift MXC rim weighs 16.34 oz, or 463 gram

Front rims are sold in a pair of (2) rims.