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Aluminum tie rods for steering systems on racing go karts. Constructed with a 6-point hexagonal design to make adjusting steering toe and alignment on the kart easy and user-friendly. Available in a variety of lengths, with threaded M8 inserts that accommodate left and right-hand tie-rod ends. Available in a variety of colors, including black, gold, and silver.

Swift's aluminum tie rods are designed to fit a variety of kart applications. From the smallest Kid Karts to the largest full-size chassis, these tie rods are ideal to replace standard OEM tie rods, or as standard accessories to have on hand. In an accident, it is very common to bend tie rods in a front-end accident, as they are usually one of the components that takes the majority of the impact.
Each end is threaded with M8 x 1.25 threads, in opposing directions facilitate the insertion of M8 Tie-Rods. Usually, one will be reverse / left-hand thread, and one will be a traditional right-hand thread. The reverse thread side is denoted by small notches at the end of the tie rod, with the length of the tie rod and Swift logo laser engraved into the body of the tie rod at the opposing end.
Each tie-rod is sized to fit perfectly within a 13mm open-end wrench, allowing for the tie rod itself to be held in place as jam nuts on the tie-rod ends are tightened following alignment of the steering system.
Available Sizes
Swift's tie rods are available in lengths from 200 - 290mm in 10mm intervals.
  • For a Kid Kart, Point Karting recommends tie rods in lengths 210mm - 220mm for most karts (measure existing tie rods to double check)
  • For most cadet / mini karts, Point Karting recommends 235 - 250mm length tie rods.
  • Most European-manufactured full-size go kart chassis will utilize a 265 - 275mm tie rod length. Note that many steering systems in full-size chassis are offset slightly, which can result in different length tie rods being standard. Usually, if this is the case the combination will be 270mm on the driver's left, and 275mm on the driver's right.


Swift's variety of available colors ensures you'll find a tie rod that will fit with the aesthetic of your kart: Gold, Black, and Silver "Titanium" are all color options that go well with most any kart!

Each tie rod is sold separately.