Sniper V2 Inox Laser Alignment System

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  • Sniper V2 Inox Laser Alignment System
  • This is by far the most common alignment system seen in the pits at any sprint karting event! 
  • These systems attach to the spindle surface or hub-mounting surface of your kart, with integrated magnets that prevent slip during operation. 
  • In addition, a steel ruler and rare earth magnet are used to adjust steering sweep. 
  • The system features (2) laser aligners, with opposing cartesian grids to adjust toe and camber settings.
  • Each system comes as a kit of:
    • (2) Milled V2 Inox Laser Alignment Units (one for each side of kart)
    • (2) CR 1/3N  batteries (spares)
    • Stainless steel ruler and associated rare earth magnet
    • Instruction and operation sheet
    • Custom carrying case with lexan cover (which doubles as a great way to align your steering during use).