Rotax Max Evo Mini-Max MY20 ECU

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ECU Module for the Rotax Max MY20 Mini-Max Engine Upgrade. This ignition module is model 666818, and is designed to electronically limit the power band and performance of the Rotax Max Evo MY20 kart engine within regulations and parameters set forth by Rotax and the Rotax Max Challenge.


The ignition module (engine control unit) is one of the central components of the wiring harness of the Rotax FR125 Max EVO engine. Without it, the engine cannot operate properly, as ignition timing will not be present or moderated.

Each module contains electronics carefully assembled at Rotax in Austria, with wax sealant around them to dampen damage from vibration or wet weather. A plastic circlip and multiple pins help connect this ECU to the rest of the wiring harness. If you are unsure where your ECU module mounts on your Rotax, most ECU's on modern Rotax Max Engines can be found in a protective case to driver's left of the main battery.

**NOTE** Point Karting recommends all current Rotax racers utilize this ECU module for their Mini Max engine! Engines found without this module are subject to disqualification at any official Rotax Max Challenge event.