Rotax Exhaust Support Kits

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Rotax exhaust support kits, manufactured by PKT. Each support is engineered to support the Rotax exhaust pipe as it dresses off the engine, by utilizing available frame rail area. Depending on the kart, PKT has designed several support kits to fit every kart, and every exhaust combination for the Rotax Evo engines. 

When you order these kits, you won't require any additional hardware to mount your exhaust. These kits are multi-position adjustable, durable, and designed to withstand the punishment and weight that the Rotax exhaust systems throw at them. 

Each kit is sold separately, in combinations built to suit each performance variant of the Rotax FR125. 

Available Configurations

  • Ideal for Micro Max, Mini Max, Junior Max, Senior, and Master Max 
    • The Micro Max kit is a stand-alone kit
    • The Mini Max and all other configurations utilize the same mount kit. 
  • Available with clamps that fit 28, 30, or 32mm frame rails (the area behind the axle bearing hangers. 

 Each kit is sold separately.