Replacement Brake Cable Kit for Noonan Brake System

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Complete replacement brake cable kit for Kid Kart go karts! The Noonan brake cable and housing kit for Kid Kart racing machines is available here. This kit is ideal for use with the Noonan light weight brake system found on many performance Kid Kart chassis, but can work with other Kid Kart brake systems as well that are cable-driven (some are hydraulic, in which case this is not the ideal kit).

A popular brake system sold by Precision Karting Technologies, the Noonan line of brake kits and pedal accessories is a popular choice among Kid Kart racers due to lightweight design and easy adjustment.

This kit features a pre-cut brake cable system, featuring a replacement housing and brake cable for the Noonan system. The housing has reinforced crimp-on metal ends for durability, to prevent wear to the cable or housing during use.

The kit is sold as pictured, with both cable and housing. A great pre or post-season repair item!