Re Tyre Evinco Blue (7.1") - Set

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Evinco Blue tires, set sized for 7.1" rear tires. This means that this set utilizes a 4.5x10-5 tire on the front of the kart, and 7.1 x 11-5 tires on the rear of the kart. Each Re Tyre set is hand picked from national karting events, and features minimal run time on the tires. All tires are matched as closely as possible for a balanced kart feel.

Re Tyres are great for sportsman or club racers looking to get extra track time and save some money on tires at the same time! These are especially popular with new karters, or those that want to get a lot of extra seat time without breaking the bank on new tires every few track days.

Re Tyres are available in a variety of tire sizes and compounds. However, keep in mind that warehouse stock can vary depending on supply from national level kart races.

Each Re Tyre set is shipped in a box, ready to go for you to mount and use!