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In go kart racing, the end of one race is the beginning of the next one. The best drivers learn by analyzing their races to finite detail, and then implementing that moving forward. Point Karting can help you find the on-track edge you've been looking for, by analyzing past performances with the intent to prepare for the future!


Point Karting utilizes your on-board data and video to assist you in learning from your past races, or practices sessions to find more lap time, learn more about race craft, and reflect on how to prepare even better for your next race!

Preparing For A Debrief
To make the most of a post-race debrief with Point Karting, we recommend:
  • Data Analysis: Download all race, practice, or testing data from your AiM Mychron 5 system to your computer. If you are knowledgeable and comfortable with exporting your data, please send it to us ahead of hand via email at, or be prepared for us to walk you through this process.
    • For local (Colorado) customers, bringing your MyChron 5, with reasonable battery charge to us at our Arvada location is also acceptable. From here, we can download and view your data.
  • Video Analysis: Upload any onboard video to YouTube, either available to public or 'unlisted.' This will allow us to view your video and comment on race craft, driving line, or performance.
    • For local (Colorado) customers, bringing your video on an SD card, Go Pro (with connecting cable), or on a laptop or mobile device to our Arvada location is an acceptable alternative.

Booking Your Appointment

To schedule your appointment with Point Karting for a data or video analysis, let us know some of your available dates in your order notes at checkout!

Upon receipt of your booking request, our team will contact you to coordinate the exact time for us to meet and location.

Our facility is located in Arvada, Colorado. For directions or hours of operations, reach out to us at 720.446.8860