Plastic Number Plate Support Bracket

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Support bracket for plastic or metal number plate panels on racing go karts. These brackets fit over steel rear bumpers to support a plastic number plate, ensuring you are compliant with all rules governing displaying (4) number panels on your kart!
The free-floating design allows the number plate to move and flex with air flow as well, which can help reduce some drag off the number plate.
This number plate support bracket is ideal for mounting plastic number panels to the rear bumper of a racing kart, supporting the plate around rear nerf bars or other areas of the kart (if you are racing a vintage kart).
Each bracket comes with pre-drilled M6 bolt areas to allow for insertion of screws / bolts to secure the number plate to the bracket (note hardware is not included with bracket).
Each panel support is available in either black or red colors, and is sold separately. Most racers utilize (2) support brackets to hold together a rear number plate.