PKT Lightweight Cadet Brake Rotor

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Lightweight Brake Rotor for cadet go karts. This brake rotor is ideal for the 30mm brake rotor hub, and lightens the rotating weight of standard brake systems.


With a lightweight design, PKT's cadet brake rotor is ideal for OEM brake rotor replacement. It should be noted straight away that this rotor must be utilized with PKT's brake rotor hub. Don't worry, despite the light weight, PKT has designed the rotor to still withstand the toughest braking habits of drivers, with a fluted edge to dissipate heat quickly.

Because the rotor is designed to mate to PKT's brake rotor hubs, this light weight rotor will also work with 25mm or 1 1/4" axles as a result. For a Kid Kart application, racers may want to choose the smaller version of this rotor.

Technical Details

This brake rotor is 180mm in diameter, and is 3.3mm thick. This means that even the most low-profile brake systems will accommodate this rotor.

Due to its light weight, this rotor only weighs 13.7 ounces. A 6mm axle key is required, which is notable for some applications, as some OTK or American-based kart axles and drive systems may normally require a different size hub keyway.

Want to get even more extreme? Consider PKT's super lightweight brake rotor, shaving another 2.0 ounces off the weight of the rotor!

Each rotor is sold separately, with no additional mounting hardware. Check out PKT's brake rotor hubs for a perfect component to mount this brake rotor to an axle.