PKT 17mm Lightweight Front Hubs

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  • Lightweight 17mm Front Wheel Hubs by PKT.
    • Lightweight precision-milled wheel hubs for Kid Karts or Cadet applications, as well as many full-size karts that utilize 17mm front spindles. 
    • Proprietary design provides superior strength while providing a light-weight option for karters. 
  • "17mm" denotes the Inner Diameter (mm) of the hub bearings, and is a measurement used to determine what size steering spindle / stub axle a hub will fit. 17mm spindles (and therefore hubs) are found on most Kid Karts, Cadet Karts, and many full-size chassis.
  • Hubs include installed wheel stud bolts, set at the common European OEM bolt pattern. Therefore, these hubs will fit most 3-point kart rims / wheels. 
  • Available in multiple width options: 
    • 17mm x 50mm: This hub width is more common on Kid Karts, and some cadet karts, but rarely on full-size chassis. Utilization of this hub width minimizes grip or front-end traction on most kart chassis, and can be a unique tuning option for many racers. 
    • 17mm x 75mm: This hub width is far more common for Cadet or full-size kart chassis. With a wider hub width, the 'bite' the front of the kart chassi will have using this hub is more pronounced. 
  • Each hub is sold individually, as pictured. (2) hubs are required for use on any kart.