MyChron 5 Course: The Basics

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Want to learn more about your AiM MyChron? Morning webinar as we delve into the basics of the MyChron 5 system! New to the MyChron 5 system, or not really sure what all it can do? Our MyChron 5 basics webinar is for you! 


This tutorial will go in-depth with AiM's flagship timing system to help you learn all about the system, associated components, and how to navigate the unit.

The fundamental goal of this basics course is to teach each attendee how to transition from their very first moment unboxing their MyChron 5 to being able to upload on-board data to Race Studio. Navigating and analyzing data within Race Studio is for another course, which is our 'advanced' course.

Learn the Basics of the AiM MyChron 5 Data Logger in this class! will provide hands-on training to understand all aspects of the MyChron 5 data logger, including:

  • Initial setup, custom configuration
  • Understanding integrated hardware and capabilities
    • Integrated Sensors & Functions
    • Additional Sensor Options.
  • Overview of software
    • Race Studio 2
    • Race Studio 3
  • Hands-on training with Data!
    • Logging
    • Transmitting
    • Utilizing
  • An Introduction to Race Studio 2 - the real power of MyChron!
    • Overview of the software
    • Basic 'tour'
    • Setting up your display
    • Basic Analysis examples and Tips

Webinar Format

This meeting will take place via Zoom meetings. If you do not have a Zoom account, you are welcome to create one here, or join us on ours at the time of the webinar!

Upon registration, a meeting link will be generated for attendees and sent out 2-3 days before the event!

Class Details (Who, What, When)

  • When: On Demand, with you (We can Schedule With You)
  • Where: Online! Zoom Meetings (link provided upon registration)
  • What to Bring: (comfort of your own home of course): A Mychron 5, your charger, any sensors, and a wifi-capable, Windows Laptop (Any laptop that has Windows as its operating system - Mac / Apple products do not work with Race Studio currently).