Motul MoCOOL Radiator Additive

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MoCool Radiator Additive for Racing Go Karts, by Motul. This radiator additive helps you run cooler during hot temperature days on track, sometimes reducing engine temperatures by as much as 30 degrees!


The outstanding thermal exchange properties of this concentrated cooling fluid allow for cooler temperatures within your engine during warm or hot days at the track. In addition, MoCool aids in prevention of corrosion within your cooling system.

Ideally, this MoCool fluid should be used in cooling systems in magnesium, cast iron, or aluminum castings and engines. Most engines in karting utilize aluminum for its light weight and thermal properties, so MoCool works well in karting applications.

This MoCool additive is tested to be resistant to damaging rubber O-rings or seals, and does not increase cavitation around plastic or metal water pumps.


Motul recommends mixing this with distilled water at 5% mixture! This is also known as a 20:1 mixture ratio.

"Know Before You Go"

Some racing series will not allow any additives other than water in the radiator. Please check with your motorsports organization prior to using.

MoCool is not intended for and will not offer any 'anti-freeze' protection.