Molecule Matte Helmet Care Kit

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Matte Helmet Care Kit by Molecule. This complete helmet kit helps you refresh and renew the inside padding of your helmet for a clean smell, proper protection of the padding, and generally a nicer experience for you and your helmet over time!

Molecule's helmet refresh system is a lightly scented spray specifically designed to deodorize the interior of the helmet, with a BKC sanitizing formula to deeply penetrate the padding and interior areas of the helmet during washing. 

The Matte finish detailer included in this helmet is ideal for matte finish helmets, and both cleans and details helmets with this finish, while also removing bugs, dirt, and debris. 

Molecules Anti-Fog cleaner improves the visibility through the visor, and also adds an anti-fog coating while cleaning to the visor when used on the interior of the shield. This reduces fogging and cleans the surface of chemicals and dirt / dust. 

This kit includes 4OZ spray bottles of:

  • Matte Detailer
  • Cleaner Polish
  • Anti-Fog Cleaner / Coating
  • Rain Repel and Visor Cleaner