Life PO4 Lithium TaG Kart Battery

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12 volt kart battery. This battery is ultra long lasting and reliable! See below for more information on all that comes with this kart battery, including a battery voltage tester, and charger. 

Note: This battery must get charged with a charger that has 14.6V or more of output!


With FF2 terminals on the battery, this dry cell battery is light weight and durable for the environments of karting. Each battery comes pre-charged and ready for at least 20% function.

At just 1.75 lb, this battery is very light weight and simple to use! 

The dimensions of the battery are 5.95" Length x 2.55" Width x 3.75" Height

The amp-hours for this battery are 5 Amp Hours (5 AH)

Which Battery is Right for Me?

Depending on your application, selecting the right battery is very important! Not only does this ensure proper cranking power to the starter, it prevents over-current on applications where it is not warranted. 

  • 5 AMP batteries are best for most any karting application, from Mini Swift to the X30 Senior. This battery has been tested on various karts to ensure compatibility. 
  • 7 AMP batteries are best for 'small' kart engines, such as the IAME Mini Swift or Micro Swift, or Vortex Mini or Micro ROK. 
  • 9 AMP batteries are best for 'large' kart engines, such as the IAME KA 100, X30, and various TaG kart applications.