KG Nose Mount Hardware for Kid Karts

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Front Bumper Mounting Kit for Kid Kart go karts. Ideal for affixing the front bumper to the main nerf bars on many modern Kid Kart chassis. This kit features multiple clamping plates, long lag bolts with butterfly screw attachments, and bushings to properly fix in place the front plastic bumper of Kid Kart chassis.
  • KG hardware kit for mounting a Kid Kart front bumper.
  • Ideally suited for Kid Kart front bumper kits, utilizes fuel-tank style clamping screws to cinch down clamps around nerf bars.
  • Does NOT work well with bumpers other than Kid Kart sized front bumpers, KG or otherwise.
  • Includes multiple mounting screws (with plastic leverage pieces), clamping hardware, and washers / grommets.
  • This hardware kit is NOT a push back bumper assembly.