Freem Pro Absorber Seat Pads

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Seat Pads by Freem. These go kart seat pads are designed to fit adhesively to the sides and rear of your kart seat to prevent bumps and bruises as you drive your go kart on track. The Pro Absorber pads are especially great for those with sensitive ribs or spines. 


Available in several colors, the Pro Absorber pads are stick-on type pads that allow you to customize the padding and comfort of your kart seat any way you please! Integrated cut-outs are laser cut to clear seat bolts to make it easier to install the pads, and for racers to work on the seat without having to remove the pads once installed. 

Each Pro Absorber seat pad is approximately 1/4" in thickness, give or take. Integrated 'notches' allow for removal of parts of the seat pad to allow for fitment around seat bolts or weight bolts. 

Another nice feature of the Freem Pro Absorber pads is that they are tapered and contoured to match the shape of  the sides of most kart seat sides. This profile allows the pads to fit well on the sides or the rear of the seat without extensive cutting or modification. 

Each set of pads comes as a set of (2) pads. The colors available for the pads include black, red, and gray.