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Yeti Rain Overboot by Freem. This boot fits over your normal kart racing shoes to protect against water and wind during rain races. Each boot is ideal for inclement weather for high performance kart races where standing water or driving rain are a consistent problem - protect your feet from cold water and keep your karting shoes in tact by protecting them with these overboots!


Meant to wrap around the D07K karting shoes, the Freem Yeti overboots are made of a flexible thin vinyl-impregnated fabric that makes them impermeable to water whether standing or splashing. A zipper on the reverse side of the overboot allows for fitting the boot over the shoes, with an attached loop aids in putting the boots on.

Note: Do not walk extensively in these overboots. Ideal for protection from water rather than for extensive walking, the boots are very thin and will wear rapidly from abrasion from the boot and the ground on either side of the overboot.

Each set of boots is sold as a pair.