Rubber Seat Washers (10pk)

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Rubber seat mounting washers by Kart Master for installing performance go kart seats. Made of thin yet durable black neoprene rubber, each washer is designed to provide an installation option that is low profile and low-impact regarding the condition of the seat. Each washer is sold as a pack of 10.


The rubber washers available here are made in several sizes. Depending on the intended application, these washers and application can change significantly. Larger diameter rubber washers are ideal for mounting seats to seat uprights and supports, while smaller diameter rubber washers are great for mounting smaller items such as front nassau panels or floor trays. Unlike similar washers made of aluminum, these rubber washers can flex and mold to the under-seat shape profile in areas of mounting where washers or hardware won't mate perfectly to curved radii found in some areas of kart seats.

Available Sizes

Kart Master's rubber seat washers are available in several sizes. All feature 8.5mm pre-drilled holes in the center to accommodate M8 hardware and seat bolts. Each rubber washer is 2.0mm thick:

  • M8 x 2mm x 20mm
  • M8 x 2mm x 44mm
  • M8 x 2mm x 53mm
  • M8 x 2mm x 62mm

Each washer has unique applications. Because these washers are made of neoprene, they can be cut and shaped more easily to custom profiles as well!

Each washer is sold in a pack of 10 only.