Kart Master Bumper Keeper Arms

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Bumper keeper arms for the Kart Master bumper keeper kits for racing go karts. These arms are designed to fit onto frame tube clamps by Kart Master, or other manufacturers at the rear of the chassis to support the rear bumper assembly and upright arms. 

Sold as a pair, these arms fit through the rear bumper uprights to prevent them pulling out of the rear frame tubes of the chassis due to accidents or track conditions. A great way to prevent a black flag or mechanical DNF due to a loose rear bumper! 

Each arm comes pre-drilled with (2) 8mm holes to accommodate M8 socket head screws to mount the arms to the clamps (not included). 

Note: These bumper retention arms still require a 'thru-style' clamp be used. Examples of these are commonly found holding torsion bars into place on kart chassis. 

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