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K1's Chest Protector is designed to be the ultimate line of defense for a frontal impact for many younger racers. By combining the chest protector with a rib protection device, karters can rest assured of safety in motorsports impacts.
Designed specifically with the youth racer in mind, the K1 Chest Protector serves the purpose of protecting soft tissue and cartilage in the sternum area, which has not fully developed in most children or adolescents before the age of 18.
For many kart racing series, the utilization of a chest protection device is mandatory for competitors 16 years or younger. If it isn't in your series, Point Karting strongly recommends considering using one anyway.
Each chest protection device is made using a dual-layer vacuum forming process to merge durable yet flexible polypropylene plastic to comfortable fabrics. Heavy-duty plastic buckles allow for the connection of the chest protection device around an existing rib vest in an x-pattern to ensure minimal shifting of device during impacts.

  • The vest coverage area is 8.5" in width, and 10" in height. 
  • The K1 Chest Protector is designed to fit most adolescents between the ages of 5 and 12, and will adjust to younger or older racers through the attached adjustment straps.
  • Proper fitment will be accomplished via the x-pattern of crossing the securing straps, and should feel 'tight' to user at peak of their lung inhalation/breathing cycle. If painful or uncomfortable during normal lung capacity or usage, the protector may be slightly too tight.