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K1's Carbon Fiber Rib Protector is one of the most trusted rib vest options on the market today for kart racing. In an impact, the outer shell and soft vest work in concert to absorb and distort impacts and vibrations around the driver's chest area. With a fiberglass / carbon shell wrapping around a soft vest, K1's Carbon Fiber option of their popular Pro Lite Vest is a step up in protection and style. We have various sizes available for all racers, and have found this vest to be a comfortable option for a variety of karters across the country.

While not always mandatory for use, wearing a rib vest is a highly advisable component to include in any karter's safety gear. For most racing organizations, the utilization of a rib protection device is mandatory for drivers under the age of 18, and highly recommended for drivers beyond this age.

K1 also took the time to focus on driver comfort when constructing their rib vest, utilizing a flexible yet light-weight design for areas outside of the traditional impact areas. Highly adjustable shoulder and chest straps make the vest adaptable to various driver profiles and rib contours.


The K1 Rib vest is available in sizes 4XS - 2XL

Note on fitment and fine-tuning: For ideal fit, once adjusted, a rib vest should provide resistance in the chest area when breath is fully inhaled and held. A significant pressure should be felt against rib area at this point, attempting to push air out of lungs. If this sensation is not felt, the rib vest is adjusted too loose. If, however, the rib vest feels constricting for 0-70% of normal lung capacity, the rib vest is adjusted too tight.

For more information on the right size for you, consult the sizing diagram

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