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Balaclava (also known as headsock or helmet liner) designed for comfort and keeping your helmet clean. The balaclava assists in prolonging the life of your go kart helmet by keeping sweat from soaking into the padding, adhesives, and interior areas on kart racing helmets. 

Each balaclava is 100% cotton to absorb moisture, and is machine washable to ensure a clean use each time.

The balaclava is manufactured with an open-face design to improve the visibility and longevity of the head sock. Reverse stitching further aids in increasing driver comfort.

The balaclava is available in a variety of colors:

  • Blue
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Black

All balaclavas are sized universally, a smaller driver will stretch the balaclava less than an adult driver, but most face shapes and sizes will fit well with the K1 Balaclava.