Rotax MY 20 Intake Restrictor (Micro / Mini Max)

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Intake Restrictor for Rotax Micro Max or Mini Max racing kart engines. This restrictor must be in place at the rear of the carburetor for the engine to be in compliance with Rotax Max Challenge regulations.

Technical Overview

According to pate 32 of the Rotax Max Challenge technical regulations (2020), this restrictor must be installed in the rear venturi area of every rotax micro-max or mini-max competitor as of January 01, 2020 during competition. The restrictor takes the carburetor intake area and shrinks it to an area approximately 35.0 x 18.0 mm in area. 

An integrated orientation arrow on the front face of the restrictor indicates which direction to install the component into the carburetor. 

Each restrictor is sold separately, and is also available as part of the MY 20 upgrade kit.