IAME M1 Bambino Motor Mount Kit

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IAME M1 Bambino Motor Mount Kit for go kart chassis. Ideal for mounting the M1 Bambino 60cc engine on Kid Kart go karts or other kart chassis properly and in a solid manner to ensure proper engine and drive train function.

Each kit is precision milled by PKT to ensure proper fitment on the kart chassis, and these can be adapted to a variety of kart models or makes, depending on your personal chassis need!

If you're in need of a chassis mount option not listed below, reach out to us and we will happily coordinate a custom designed mount for you with PKT karting.

Each mount is sold with mount base, clamps, and mounting screws for the IAME M1 Bambino engine.

Note: As of 02.10.2022 PKT Has discontinued production of this mount. PKT may have remaining stock available, give us a call and we can cross-check availability.