Hoosier Racing Tires R70 (by set)

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Hoosier Tires - R70 Compound. This tire is perfect for the 4 Cycle Super Showdown in Phoenix for 2020!

Select from options presented - tires are sold by SET for either cadet categories or adult categories as appropriate:

  • For drivers in Kid Kart, Junior 1, Select "SET Cadet (4) 4.5 x 10-5"
  • For drivers in Junior 2, 206 Senior, 206 Master, etc., Select "SET Full-Size (2) 4.5.x10-5 / (2) 6.0 x 11-5"

Each set is sold separately, and will be ordered by Point Karting prior to the event. The deadline to order tires is November 01, 2020.