Heel Pad Set (Floor Tray Mount)

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Adhesive-mount heel pads for racing go karts. These heel pads provide additional grip for go kart racers that want to promote proper foot motion and heel rotation for their brake and throttle movements. A simple addition to any go kart chassis floor tray, simply remove the adhesive backing, clean the mounting surface, and attach! In an instant, you're promoting better foot work by a driver.
TDC MFG's heel pad set features a "V-Rib" design, which helps promote additional grip under the heel of a driver's shoe when operating the brake or throttle pedal. Almost all karting floor trays will accept this heel pad, which provides just a little more grip to force a driver to rotate at the ankle rather than slide their entire leg - which is a habit many younger drivers have that we want to break quickly!
Each heel pad set comes in a set of 2, which of course gives ample padding options for both the throttle and brake sides of the floor tray, respectively.
The floor tray heel pad set by TDC is sold individually, with each kit coming with (2) heel pad components.