Foam Heel Support Set (Pair)

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Foam foot cradles and heel supports for racing go karts. These foot cradles mount to the floor tray of your kart chassis, and support the driver's heel during operation of the kart. With a thick padded design and adhesive backing, installation is quick and easy, and these pads help raise a driver's feet easily to fit properly with the brake and throttle pedals. These pads are also known by some as heel cradles, foot stops, or heel supports.
A simple yet important adjustment to make, the foam heel support kit is a great option to have in your tool box or on your kart for any driver, especially junior drivers!
Each foam foot cradle is manufactured of multi-layer foam, and is designed specifically for go kart racers. Intended to mount directly to the floor tray with an adhesive backing, these foot cradles are sold in pairs of 2 to ensure that both the throttle and brake feet are supported in a similar fashion.
As one can see from the product image, these foam pads are significantly more thick than other products of similar intent that Point Karting carries, such as the TDC heel pad set. With this in mind, these foam pads can help to raise a driver's feet upward to place more of the central part of their upper foot in line with the pedals. For junior drivers especially, this is a handy feature, as many young drivers will often hyper-extend their feet just to reach their tippy-toes to the pedal. Especially for those learning to drive at speed, this isn't a great habit in ergonomics to form early!
Each foam pad features a strong, industrial-grade adhesive backing to make installing the pad on the floor tray quick and easy. Clean the top side of the floor tray prior to mounting, peel back the adhesive cover, and with reasonable pressure press down on the foot pad onto the floor tray. With that, you're done, and ready to roll!
Sizing Your Foot Cradles
The foam foot cradle pairs are available in both junior and adult sizes. Naturally, the overall size of the foam pad will increase or decrease depending on which size option once chooses.
  • For drivers younger than 12, it is recommended to utilize the 'junior' size option. For drivers older than 12, most should select the 'adult' size pads.
Each pad kit is sold as a pair of (2) pads / cradles. The cradles are delivered as shown, primarily black in color.