Foam Air Filter (No Angle) for Go Karts

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Foam Air Filter for racing go karts. This filter is ideal to fit within the air box of many 2-cycle racing kart engines, to keep track debris and contaminants out of the air stream entering your engine!
When you're practicing for the next race, or in an environment where there is a lot of dust, you don't want to be without an air filter for your engine.
This filter does not have an angle present on the rubber mounting boot relative to the primary filter element. This makes this filter an excellent option for karts where the air box needs to be positioned at a relatively horizontal angle with respect to the engine.
Sold pre-oiled with a high performance filter oil on the filter matrix, this filter is ready-to-install straight out of the packaging. A fine sponge-like mesh mates to the filter mount boot to be the primary components of the filter.
Whether inside an airbox or used without one, these filters must be pre-oiled and cleaned prior to each track day use to perform at their best. Cleaning the filter at least 24 hours in advance of on-track use will ensure best results for the filter to absorb oil evenly throughout the filter matrix.
Each filter is sold separately.
Ideal For: Most 2 - cycle karting applications.