Road Runner Neck Brace - Youth

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Road Runner Neck Protector by Freem. This device is designed to protect the go kart racer's head and neck during crashes and impacts - a great safety device no matter your age or competitive level! The Road Runner is a fairly new device from Freem, and is designed to fit a variety of racers of all ages, is adjustable to fit each driver and body profile. 

The Road Runner neck brace has been designed to reduce the risk of side or rearward impacts while on the kart track. Each device is manufactured in Italy using closed-cell foam that is waterproof, with a gel-pad top to avoid friction with the underside of a driver's helmet during use on the track. 

A collar-type device circles the sides of the neck of the driver to provide additional support, with integrated wings that fit over the shoulders and upper back of the driver. Flexible spinal support and adjustable straps encircle the torso of the driver, adjustable to the size of the driver.

Each device is sold complete, as shown. Two sizes are available - the youth device fits drivers aged 5-12 well, and the adult should be utilized for teens and adults.