Freem Kart Steering Wheel Cover

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Kart Steering Wheel Cover by Freem. Keep your steering wheel and data acquisition devices safe from rain, dust and the elements with this cover! A drawstring underlayment keeps this cover on even at times of turbulence and wind around your kart - also great for storing your kart in a dusty environment! 

The world around a kart is dusty and dirty - dirty air, dirty pit areas, dust, wind, rain...ay! There is quite a lot that can worm its way into the leather or suede of your kart's steering wheel, and more expensively the connectors and screen areas of MyChrons, Alfanos, and of course Digatrons for the old-school racers.

Freem's kart steering wheel cover is to the rescue! Keep things covered in style with the this flexible cover. Plus, it has a giant "Freem" logo on it - and big logos are always good! 

Each steering wheel cover sold separately.