Freem K19-S Karting Suit

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K19-S Kart Suit by Freem. Designed in Italy and made with your protection in mind, the K19-S is a fantastic suit option for those that want to add their own customization later, or just want a really good karting suit!


The K19-S is a variant of the popular K19, used by top karting teams across the world. Made from the same light-weight and breathable facbrics, the K19-S provides enhanced protection against abrasion and the wind with resistant Cordura fabrics, woven tightly together using Freem's proprietary manufacturing processes.

A newly refined stretch panel provides a more ergonomic fit, further improving driver movement and comfort both in and out of the kart.

One really neat feature of the Freem line of suits is the ability to store ICE Key information with the suit - all a responder needs to do is scan the ICE-Key, and vital information such as emergency contacts, insurance, and allergies are available at their fingertips.

The suits available here are all sold individually. Although pictured, the Spider-touch gloves are not included with the suit.

Selecting Your Suit Size

A reference chart is included in the image gallery for sizing. Check this out, and reach out to us if you have any questions on suit sizing!