February 08 | Fundamentals 2 - Advanced Analysis (MyChron)

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For the advanced racer! This course is designed to be a data-intensive study of AiM Race Studio 2. Within this course, an in-depth study of the software's tools and features will be examined, utilizing them on real-world data examples, as well as answering any questions from attendees data, or utilizing their own for further analysis. 
This course will include modules on the following:
  • Configuring a custom user profile
  • Creating,, editing, Track Maps
  • Integrating pre-written softwares (engine analysis, g-pack)
  • Understanding how to read and consider data
    • When is the driver wrong?
    • When is the driver right?
    • When are we over-thinking it?
  • The art of the trackside data analysis
    • How to read data quickly!
    • Prioritizing your objectives - the 3W's of data. 
  • Understanding integrated hardware and capabilities
    • GPS Shift
    • Corrections
    • Additional Sensor Options. 
  • Statistics, quick - tools
    • How to enhance understanding beyond the squiggly lines. 
  • Hands-on training with Data!
    • Classic data examples
    • Attendee examples
    • Open forum or questions

And Much More!

    This course is anticipated to be conducted on February 08. Date is subject to change or re-schedule with advance warning due to severe weather (possible, unlikely to be issue). 

    Class Details (Who, What, When)
    • When: January 11, 2020 (10 AM - 12:00 PM)
    • Where: Coalfire Labs, 11000 Westmoor Cir #450, Westminster, CO 80021
    • What to Bring: A Mychron 5, your charger, any sensors, and a wifi-capable, Windows Laptop (Any laptop that has Windows as its operating system - Mac / Apple products do not work with Race Studio currently).