Duro Tire | HF-242-B "High Line" (Performance Karts)

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Duro HF-242-B "Hi-Line" go kart tires. These are the spec tire for the Colorado Karting Tour Adult LO206 categories.

Durable, long-lasting, and designed to perform on track with performance go karts, these tires feature a larger-circumference front tire compared to the HF-242. This raises the kart ride height, increasing grip and driving feel. Each tire is manufactured with the quality and consistency Duro Tire is known for within the concession and rental kart market.


These tires are ideal for low-horsepower kart applications, where tire durability and cost-effectiveness is the top priority. For many of our customers, these tires are a proven choice for racing karts that utilize the Briggs & Stratton 206 engine.

Unlike the HF-242 that this tire replaces for many performance racers, the tread depth is slightly thinner. Couple this with a reinforced upper edge of the tire side wall and a slightly broader contact patch, and the 'High-Line' is built to perform with improved lateral grip performance.
A Complete Set, or Front / Rear Tires

Depending on your preference, Point Karting has complete tire sets or individual sets of rear or front tires:
  • The front tires are 4.5 x 10-5 in dimension - ideal for the front of kart
  • The rear tires are 7.1 x 11-5 in dimension - ideal for the rear of kart

For more information on these tires and understanding these sizing conventions, check out our tire size diagram graphic in the photo gallery.

Shipping and Delivery

Point Karting ships Duro tires nationwide to our devoted customers who demand the best when it comes to tire options for their fleet vehicles. For residents within our region (Colorado), shop or track side pickup is available as well. Mounting tires is also available upon request.

    • **NOTE: For Colorado Residents only, Track-side pickup, mounting is available for racers that compete in The Colorado Karting Tour. Select "Trackside Pickup" for this service.**