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Looking for a leg up on the competition? Get up to speed with some instruction from one of the region's top driver coaches, Adam Rylance! Adam brings a vast level of experience and professionalism to each client interaction, and is a great resource to help you get faster, regardless of your kart, experience level, or competition ambition. 

Adam offers both one-on-one and group sessions.

Coaching Overview

The ultimate goal of driver coaching is to communicate information to the driver that leads to a positive change in their driving. In his coaching programs, Adam utilizes video review, data analysis, and on-track observation to help drivers find their unique speed and confidence behind the wheel.

"I recognize the importance of understanding the variances between drivers which impact the way information is received," states Adam, "whether they be differences in driving style, personality, etc. I make sure to tend to those variances to ensure I communicate with a driver in a way which is clearly understood and able to be carried out on the track." 

First and foremost, Adam considers himself a mentor to those he works with, and pushes himself to find areas to help drivers improve and become more competitive. 

Types of Programs

One-on-One | A one-on-one session is the best way to receive the most focused attention from a coach, and should be considered when preparing for competition events or when serious mentorship is desired. Adam is available to travel across the Rocky Mountain region to a track of your choosing, as well as further within the United States with advanced coordination. 

Group Sessions | Looking to hit the track with some friends and save a little money in the process? Adam teaches groups too! Grab a few like-minded racers in a similar category and join Adam on a coaching day, and all get faster! A group session is a great opportunity to work with your friends or fellow racers to learn a new track, compare styles and progress, and experience some one-on-one coaching within the security of a larger group. 

General Bio

Adam Rylance began driving karts in 2007, learning the ropes as all drivers do before embarking on his own competitive journey in karting in 2012. A local to the New York area, Adam first cut his teeth in a kart at Oakland Valley Race Park, progressing from there to local, regional, and national karting competitions.

In 2014 Adam embarked on his first national-level events, traveling the United States and experiencing many different tracks and regions of karting competition. Naturally, podiums, wins, and championships followed. 

Adam still competes at national-level karting competitions today, both behind the wheel and as a mechanic and coach for top-level drivers at the SKUSA Pro Tour, Florida Winter Tour, and more. Now residing in Arvada, Colorado, Adam will embark on an ambitious schedule in 2021, including providing regional support at Colorado Karting Tour races with Point Karting, competing in events at the SKUSA Pro Tour, and mentoring drivers at events in Florida, the Midwest, and California. 


Among his many accolades and accomplishments, Adam is:

  • 3-Time NY State Champion (2015, 2017, 2020)
  • 2017 Northeast Super Series Champion
  • 2019 and 2020 Colorado Karting Classic Champion 
Coaching Approach
Adam's approach to each driver is unique, a factor of highest importance to his coaching philosophy:
  • "The ultimate goal of driver coaching is to communicate methods to be faster. Each driver is unique, and they bring their life experiences, personality, and background to their performance behind the wheel. My task is to utilize those, understand those variances and then overlay my experience and information in order to get the most out of the driver at every event."
Adam's Top Tips and Cornerstones of his work: 
-Tip 1: Coaching is a two-way process. If I provide feedback on your driving, I need to be absolutely sure that what I'm trying to convey is coming across in exactly the way I intend. When I give you advice, I expect a two-way dialogue rather than a simple "ok" or nod of the head. I want to be sure that you completely understand not only the concept of what I'm telling you, but how to perform it on the track. Failure for effective communication between the driver and the coach is why it's a common to see drivers who understand an idea off the track, but then can't effectively execute it on the track. 

Tip 2: Don't overthink it. Far too often, I see drivers attempt to digest loads of information at once, becoming overwhelmed in the process. Drivers who do this end up becoming stressed and unable to properly comprehend what they're trying to do. Their performances on track then deteriorate as a result. Don't be this person. Yes, being the fastest driver at the track is not easy. However, sometimes it helps to remember that all you need to do is make your kart go around the track faster than anyone else (perhaps over-simplified, but helps to keep a driver from becoming overwhelmed). My job is to help you figure out how to do this in a way that won't make your head spin in circles. 

Tip 3: Your kart will only go as fast as you can physically drive it. If you haven't exercised at any point in the past three years, this will be evident against the regular front-running driver who trains five days a week. Drivers so often get caught up in the other aspects of racing, that they forget about a fundamental element of being a high-performance athlete. Fitness is key when it comes to hitting every apex and every marker over the course of a 25-lap race. If you expect to be a winner on the track, you must work for it off the track. Your effort will be rewarded with better consistency, stronger results, and a lowered level of fatigue while driving. 

Booking / Availability

Booking a coaching session with Adam is simple! Find an open date on our regularly updated calendar and choose your program. Adam will then contact you directly to work out the fine details.

Have questions on driver coaching and our services at Point Karting? Reach out to us anytime via email!