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The DR Kid Kart is ideal for drivers ages 5-8 years old, and can come with multiple engines including the Honda GXH50 or Comer C51 engine, or as a rolling chassis.
With full-adjustable chassis settings, fastidious attention to detail, built-in adjustability for even the smallest driver, the DR Kid Kart is and outstanding option for the youngest drivers in karting. 


With standard features such as a leather-wrapped steering wheel, fully adjustable pedals and steering system, and the Sniper SA-1 alignment system as standard, the DR Kid Kart comes ready to fit a variety of drivers and adjust as they progress in size and stature. 

  • Chassis comes complete as a 'rolling' chassis, ready to hit the track minus a set of racing tires and the power train (engine, sprocket, and chain).
  • Features CIK / FIA approved bodywork, legal to participate in all regional, international competitions. Full-coverage rear bumper (plastic) standard to protect driver from rearward collisions.
  • Adjustable pedal, steering positioning. Suede, 3-spoke racing steering wheel standard. 
  • Sniper SA-1 Adjustable caster/camber front alignment system standard. This is makes adjusting the alignment of the chassis a snap! 
  • Typically the Kid Kart category utilizes the Honda GXH50 or Comer C50 / C51 racing engines. This kart will accommodate either engine package, both available upon request from Point Karting. 
  • Includes choice of DR Kart F6 standard seat (flat bottom seats) (see seat sizing chart in photo gallery).

Chassis Specifications

  • Chassis Tube Diameter: 28.0mm throughout 
  • Wheel Base: 750mm
  • Rear Track Width: 658mm
  • Overall Kart Width: 1,067mm (42")
  • Axle Diameter: 25mm
  • Brake System: Dual-Piston, Cable-Actuated. 
  • Approximate weight (when assembled with engine): 110 lbs

Note: Point Karting orders each chassis separately, and takes the upmost care to ensure prompt shipment to either our warehouse or to your doorstep. Complimentary assembly, initial scaling, and consultation options available with each kart purchase. Due to the size and weight of karts, most are LTL Freight shipped, a process that can take 4-6 days depending on region of shipment. 

 Engine Package Options

The DR Kid Kart can come with a complete motor package from Honda Performance Development (the GXH50), or a Comer C51 engine. Depending on your region or preference, we will make sure your kart is race-ready once shipped! The Comer C51 is more popular in the mid west and eastern regions of the United States, while the GXH50 Honda is more popular in the south west and north west regions of the USA. Internationally, engine packages can vary wildly depending on regional suppliers, and the DR Kid Kart will mate with many engine packages beyond those offered here. Regardless of which engine package you choose, the kart is offered with motor, clutch, and motor mount.  

Selecting a Seat Size

This Kid Kart is available with various sizes of DR Factory Resin seats sizes, but what is listed here are the typical sizes for smaller drivers. Additional factory resin or NEK seats can be provided with the chassis, on request. For sizing the seat, see below, or in the image gallery: 


      • Standard seat sizing: XXS is smallest, XS, and size 1 are slightly larger. Adult or 'junior' seat sizing conventions are: 1 is smallest, 5 is largest (for drivers older than 8+). 

Shipping Your DR Kid Kart

Each chassis is shipped from DR Kart North America at time of order. Typically, time frame from moment of order, to delivered at destination terminal is approximately 4 - 6 days. Depending on customer location, Point Karting.com will work with you to find the best freight vendor, shipping hub, and time frame to deliver your chassis.