Courtney Concepts Sprocket Aligner for Go Kart

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  • Sprocket Alignment Tool by Courtney Concepts.
    • Ideal for aligning your axle sprocket and engine sprocket (front and rear sprockets) to ensure optimal performance, prevent sprocket or chain wear, and most importantly, prevent a thrown chain! 
    • Simple to use.  Clip on to axle sprocket, slide rod out and align with engine sprocket, for fast & accurate alignment. Aligns your chain correctly, reducing wear on chains and sprockets.
    • Also known as a chain alignment tool.
    • It’s good to check alignment every time you inspect your chain or when you hear noticeable chain noise. 
  • Available for various sprocket types:
    • #219 Sprockets
    • #35 Sprockets
    • #415 Sprockets
    • #428 Sprockets
  • Each aligner sold separately.