MyChron 5 Course: Advanced Analysis

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Join us for our Saturday, March 06 2021 morning webinar as we delve into more advanced topics of the MyChron 5 system!


Ok - you've got the basics of the MyChron down. You can get the squiggly lines onto your computer and you've looked at them a few times - but not really sure what else they mean. If you're at that point, this is the course for you for your MyChron education! This tutorial will go in-depth with AiM's partner software program for data analysis, Race Studio. Note that Race Studio has recently updated to Race Studio 3!

The fundamental goal of this advanced course is to teach each attendees how to transition from uploading their data to Race Studio to making meaningful analysis! This course gives you the tools to really delve into your squiggly lines to learn where to improve! 

This course really covers a lot of ground, including:

  • Configuring a custom user profile
  • Creating, editing, Track Maps
  • Understanding how to read and consider data
    • When is the driver wrong?
    • When is the driver right?
    • When are we over-thinking it?
  • The art of the trackside data analysis
    • How to read data quickly!
    • Prioritizing your objectives - the 3W's of data. 
  • Understanding integrated hardware and capabilities
    • GPS Shift
    • Corrections
    • Additional Sensor Options. 
  • Statistics, quick - tools
    • How to enhance understanding beyond the squiggly lines. 
  • Hands-on training with Data!
    • Classic data examples
    • Attendee examples
    • Open forum or questions

And Much More!

    Webinar Format

    This meeting will take place via Zoom meetings. If you do not have a Zoom account, you are welcome to create one here, or join us on ours at the time of the webinar! 

    Upon registration, a meeting link will be generated for attendees and sent out 2-3 days before the event! 

     Class Details (Who, What, When)

    • When: March 06, 2021 (1PM -4PM MST)
    • Where: Online! Zoom Meetings (link provided upon registration)
    • What to Bring: (comfort of your own home of course): A Mychron 5, your charger, any sensors, and a wifi-capable, Windows Laptop (Any laptop that has Windows as its operating system - Mac / Apple products do not work with Race Studio currently).