Halibut Kid Kart Frame (Bare Frame)

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The CKR Halibut Kid Kart Frame is designed to be a replacement chassis for the Halibut kart chassis, and is similar in design to the CRG and Zanardi variants of Kid Kart Frames.

The Halibut is designed specifically for younger racers, and particular thought has been devoted to driver safety in the frame design. First and foremost, note the sturdy design of the kart frame, which limits the ability of the frame to deform in an incident, while still maintaining competitive performance. The 'double waist' design that CKR incorporates into their Kid Kart frames is relatively unique in Kid Kart frames, which are usually simple, single-waist designs which makes the front of the chassis to be fairly stiff.

Normally, the Halibut chassis accommodates the Comer 50cc / 51cc or Honda GXH50 or GXH35 engines.

Often, a frame can be damaged, bent, or broken. If this is the case, it might be time to replace the frame with a new one!

As pictured here, this is a bare frame - this means that it does not come with any additional components!


Due to the size of the frame, most CKR frames will require freight shipping. This means loading the frame on a truck to ship directly to you! Don't worry - PointKarting.com will handle this for you from start to finish! Typically, we advise customers receive the frame at their local central shipping hub for will-call pickup. This tends to be the most cost-effective and fast method of shipping large kart components.

Each frame is sold separately.