CKR Floortray Graphic

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Graphic for the floor tray area of full-size CKR racing karts. Adheres directly to the floor tray of the kart, to add a little style to your CKR ride, as well as some grip for your feet! Ideal for a variety of CKR karts including the Stingray, Barracuda, Hammerhead, and Blue Shark!

Each graphic comes wrapped individually in protective film, and works best when applied to a clean floor tray free of blemishes, and with a little added heat (one or two passes 6" away with a heat gun). DO NOT over-heat the graphic, which can cause it to stretch or warp.

CKR utilizes a seriography, multi-color stamping process for their graphics. As a result, the CKR kart graphics are resistant to impacts or abrasion. In addition, the adhesives on the backing are ideal for sticking to the polypropylene plastics utilized on most racing karts.

Note: The graphic image shown may or may not be the latest graphic iteration for CKR - sticker kits can update from time to time. To double check that this is still the current graphic, contact us directly at