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The Barracuda is CKR's premier answer to the shifter go kart racing market. With 32mm frame tubing throughout, the Barracuda provides unrelenting grip and performance on track for applications where a low-grip track is present. In particular, the performance of the Barracuda model under braking is a favorite of drivers over other kart options within the KZ or Stock Honda Shifter categories.

While the Barracuda is primarily designed with high-horsepower shifter engines in mind, the " 'Cuda" handles TaG and single-speed engines equally well.

Chassis Overview

Each CKR chassis is hand - TIG welded by CKR's experienced artisans, in an effort to increase the life of the chassis over traditional welding practices. 3 bearing hangars and cassettes accompany the kart, allowing the Barracuda to properly handle the intense torsion and grip generated by high-horsepower engines.

With the Sniper SA1 alignment system as standard, adjusting chassis settings on the Barracuda is made simple and customize-able to the driver's preference. Fully-adjustable hubs, bearings, and dual-piston braking system allow for fine-tuning of the karts handling and performance.

The Barracuda comes standard with aluminum components, but the bearing cassettes, sprocket, brake, and wheel hubs can be upgraded to lightweight gold magnesium if desired for added visual appeal and performance. A lightweight and pliable IMAF F6 fiberglass seat completes the chassis order, available in various sizes, while F6 Rombo Silver or H7 Modulate seats are also available.

When it comes to slowing down, the Barracuda has you covered, with full hydraulic brakes on the front and rear, available in traditional steel or ceramic brake rotors and pads.

Note that some TaG applications may not allow the use of front brakes, only one in the rear.

Chassis Specifications

Chassis Tubing: 32.0 mm Throughout

Intended Application: KZ Shifter, Stock Honda Shifter, TaG categories

Steering System: Shaft & Tie Rod (VEN 11)

Braking System: Braking System (VEN 11) Hydraulic, Single Rear Caliper, Dual front calipers (one per wheel)

Wheels: Douglas Low-Volume Magnesium w/Beadlocks (130mm Front, 210mm Rear)

Torsion Bar: Front, Rear Torsion Bars included

Axle: 50mm OD x 1040mm Width CKR C4 (Med / Soft)

Shipping & Seat Sizing

The Barracuda is available with the IMAF F6 fiberglass resin seat as standard. Additional seats are available on request, including the F6 Rombo Silver or H7 models. For sizing of your seat, consult the seat sizing chart available here, or in the image gallery.

Purely as a reference as you begin to measure your own dimensions, an average adult male driver, height 6' 0", with waist 33-34 will fit a size 3 seat quite well.

For shipping of the Barracuda chassis, typically overland, LTL freight carrier is the ideal mode for timely and cost-effective kart shipments. Once ordered, typical shipment time is 5 days - 1.5 weeks depending on destination. Point has found that shipping directly to your nearest central shipping hub for a carrier is best, as this eliminates additional costs to the buyer, and is more reliable than a commercial or private residential delivery.

Each chassis is sold separately.