LO206 Engines (The Complete Kit!) - For Pre Order!

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  • The complete LO206 engine kit!
    • If you're considering a start to LO206 racing, this is the kit to begin with. This engine kit comes with everything (and we really do mean everything) you need to bolt on the motor package on the kart and go!
  • Options of accessory kit options, including various clutch options:
    •  Compiled by RLV, these Briggs & Stratton LO206 Accessory kits are designed for the LO206 racer, to provide an easy, cost-effective package to complement the purchase of a new or existing Briggs 206 engine. 
    • Each kit includes slightly different components, although each progressively includes more components as package price increases. 
    • Click through the pictures to see all the kit options. For most racers, Point Karting recommends the Hilliard #219 accessory package.
  • Kit includes: 
    • LO206 Engine "Long Block" (Complete engine including carburetor)
    • Accessory Kit options can vary, but all include: 
      • Complete exhaust system (pipe, muffler, mounting kit, exhaust bolts, copper exhaust gasket, and associated clamps and bracketry)
      • Chain guard (mandatory for all racing with a 206)
      • Briggs Air filter & clamp
      • Throttle cable sheath and cable (0.120" cable with barrel end)
      • Chain (#219 or #35)
      • Sprocket (#219 or #35)
    • Additionally, several accessory kit options include:
      • Motor mount (complete with bolts and mounting bracketry)
      • Choice of clutch (Max Torque, Hilliard) with option for different chain pitches (#219 or #35).

After all of these options, the only thing left is to add oil, follow the break-in procedure, and let it rip! 

Update: As of January, 2022 for the next few months we are going to be having these engines and kits available for pre-order, and ship as soon as we get them in the order we receive pre-orders! Please reach out to us for current pre-order status and ETA!