Starter Nut and Bolt for Comer K80

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TDC's Comer K80 Start Nut and Bolt assembly is the perfect component to replace your starter bolt on the Comer 2-cycle engine, popular in the Junior 1 category. 
This starter nut is a direct bolt-on component for the K-80 series of engines, shown in the image gallery. The hex-head bolt threads onto the K-80 crankshaft, and the included M8 bolt (utilizing 8mm hex key) threads into this in a reverse-thread pattern to prevent unwinding during starting of the engine. 
Also available: Bolt for starter (M8 bolt, reverse thread only). 
Note: This starter nut and thread adapter are intended to aid in starting the K80 Comer engine with an external starter. 

Note(2): This is a specialized order product. As a result, manufacturing delays can be a factor. We will work with you to get this product to you ASAP!