Starter Nut and Bolt for Comer K80

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TDC's Comer K80 Start Nut and Bolt assembly is the perfect component to replace your starter bolt on the Comer 2-cycle engine, popular in the Junior 1 category. 
This starter nut is a direct bolt-on component for the K-80 series of engines, shown in the image gallery. The hex-head bolt threads onto the K-80 crankshaft, and the included M8 bolt (utilizing 8mm hex key) threads into this in a reverse-thread pattern to prevent unwinding during starting of the engine. 
Also available: Bolt for starter (M8 bolt, reverse thread only). 
Note: This starter nut and thread adapter are intended to aid in starting the K80 Comer engine with an external starter. 

Note (3): This product is now out of stock with the complete threaded body. We have (2) remaining specialized bolts with reverse threading. Please contact us prior to ordering on this item. 
Note(2): This is a specialized order product. As a result, manufacturing delays can be a factor. We will work with you to get this product to you ASAP!
Note: This part is being discontinued, and may no longer be available. Please reach out to us to check on stock prior to ordering!