Bengio Carbon Integral Bumper Rib Protector

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Bengio Carbon Integral Bumper Rib Protector. The newest version of Bengio's go kart rib protectors, the Bumper Integral Carbon is built to withstand the most severe impacts while retaining the level of comfort and quality Bengio is renown for. The Carbon Integral is great for younger drivers, as it provides sternum and thorax impact protection. 

The Integral vest features additional padding and protection for the front and rear chest areas, which is particularly ideal for younger drivers, who will have still-developing chest areas. 


The carbon integral version of Bengio's venerable Bumper is lighter, stronger, and adaptable to each driver's fitment than the standard. The Carbon Integral features a triple-layer fiberglass with carbon design within the protection shells, with anti-splintering systems integrated to prevent fracturing of the shell upon sudden impacts. 

Carbon fiber is stiffer than fiberglass and kevlar, and the inter-mingling of each of these layers makes the Carbon Integral vest stronger than a standard vest, while also slowing down the rate of impact spread and severity to the driver. 

The padding within the tough outer shell further cushions impacts to the driver. 8mm thick, the 100 kg/mc density foam provides comfort while also protecting the driver from high-frequency vibrations along with sudden impact. 

At the rear of the vest, a Texon 480 material covers a soft perforated fabric that is breathable, but also strong against abrasion.

New to the Bengio design is a central velcro strap that makes fitting the vest simple and easy. Furthermore, this adds a layer of protection for frontal impact, and eliminates 'pinch points' for drivers that an older d-ring system created. 

Sizing and Fitment

Sizing for your Bengio is easy! Please consult the sizing chart in the image gallery to find your perfect fit for Bengio rib vests. Have questions on the right size vest for you? Reach out to us, we are happy to assist you.