Axcel Torino Kart Suit - Black / Orange / White

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Axcel kart racing suits. Engineered for your safety and on-track success, these suits are an excellent suit choice for your start in kart racing!


Made of Cordura textiles, the Axcel Torino line of kart racing suits are designed to place your safety first. Simple and flexible to suit your aesthetic, the Torino suit is available in a wide variety of suit designs and colors. A soft inner lining compliments the outer appearance of the suit to make sure you are comfortable all day long at the track. 360-degree underarm movement frees you of restrictions, important in kart racing where seat design can hamper some suits and range of motion when driving.

A rear gusset back allows for additional flexibility when getting into the kart, as well as when folding the suit down on a hot day around the pit area. A recent innovation, the boot-cut leg finish makes the Logo suit a quick adapter to any calf / shoe style and size to ensure proper protection in the lower leg area.

Additional items not found in other Axcel suits that are available in the Torino also include a soft-knit color with velcro enclosure, key to the CIK Level 2 clearance.

Each suit is sold separately, and adult and child sizes are available.

Sizing and Availability

At Axcel, each suit is made to order. Typically, this means about a 3-4 week lead time for production of a suit once ordered. Each suit is then shipped from Axcel directly to you!

For sizing, the size chart is also available in the photo gallery.